“It doesn’t matter how experienced we are as coaches, we all have moments of self doubt. We all loose our presence occasionally, and that is fine. The real issue is what we miss, what we don’t even notice is happening.

Carla Benedetti Founder TH-HABITAT



TH-HABITAT is an international research-based startup. We are committed to developing new models for conscious collaboration between mind and machine. We use Artificial Intelligence to enhance Human Qualities.

The research and development lab is part of an ecosystem where events, training programs, networking and knowledge sharing all contribute to our collective growth. We explore new trends, listen to existing needs and together discuss what matters to different groups of people.

Inspiration springs from everything we discover on a daily bases. Our goal is to envision tomorrow while being mindful of today. Our purpose is to contribute to brighter future by exploring evolution, rather than transformation.

THeach, the Mentor-Coaching System®, is our first software.

Team and Collaborators

Carla Benedetti

Founder & CEO

Humanist Tech

Ivano Ferioli


Head of Global
Digital Media

Mehmet Z. Cimit


Global VP
External Manufacturing

Andrea Sacco


Founder, CEO
Life Insight
Club degli Investitori

Dunia Mladenic

AI Team

Professor University Ljubjana
AI Senior Researcher at J.Stefan Institute

Elena Porcelli

Development Team

Fabrizio Infante

Full Stack Developer

Sophie Bizeul

Mentor MCC