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"AI for People - the first course on AI for Coaches" by TH-HABITAT Executive Education.
Dive into a dynamic learning experience offering both live sessions and self-paced modules.
Elevate your coaching skills by exploring advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and building a global network.
Join us to personalize coaching, unlock new perspectives, and achieve more impactful results.
Your coaching evolution starts here!"
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The biggest trend in technology for 2024 is Human by Design.
New AI tools that unleash human potential.


Start date
24 April 2024

Is this course for you?

If you are considering to integrate AI into coaching

A course on the use of AI in coaching offers you new perspectives and advanced tools to enhance your coaching skills. You might discover new ways to personalize the coaching experience and achieve more effective results. Whether you are relatively new to coaching or AI, the course offers a suitable entry point.
The course curriculum covers the specific topics related to AI in coaching while maintaining the focus on the ICF core competencies. It includes practical applications, the contribution of international experts, case studies, or real-world examples that resonate with your needs.

If you are looking for flexibility

We know how challenging can be to make time for more training. That is why we have designed a format that gives you a combination of two delivery methods: live and self-paced.
You will participate in live sessions with international trainers and mentors, from whom you will receive instant feedback on your practice. The self-paced sessions are for your individual activities and review.
If you are looking for flexibility in how to engage with the program material together with live learning, this course is the right one for you!




YOur trainers and EXPERTS

MCC and PCC mentors
participate in the live sessions

Want to learn AI for Coaches?

Full course including final test and certificate of completion 420€ + VAT where applicable
Start date 24 April 2024
20 hours of ICF CCE (10 CC+10 RD)


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