How to import an audio or a video file

THeach automatic transcription is a very sophisticated  model with 90-95% accuracy, which is the highest level available the Edit function allows you to review the transcript and correct occasional mispelling or a wrong speaker attribution. 

AI learns by dong, the more you use it the better it gets, especially with your own voice. 


Three different options to import an audio or video file

1) Enter in THeach and import a file from your device.  (max 50 MB)

2) You can start from your device folders or your cloud storing application and export the chosen file directly to THeach app. 

3) You can also record directly with the audio recording feature in your device and then share the recording with THeach. In this case you need to have both Coach and Client in the same room for a good quality audio.

Review Transcript

To make sure the AI feedback is accurate, review the transcript for any discrepancy. You can use the editing function and save your work in case you wish to complete later. Usually there are really little details, still it is worthy to review the text. Once you are happy send the transcript to the AI for feedback. 

When you prepare your own transcript for feedback

If you want to import a text file instead of audio/video, just follow the following information.

In order to get a validated report, you need to give the system the information it needs. For this reason the transcript has to be presented in a way that allows the machine to process. This is the preparation part that starts a true collaboration between person and machine.


First,  record your session using any recording tool. The audio recording app on your smartphone or tablet can do the job. Then you can prepare the transcript.


Before uploading a transcript for feedback, make sure it respects two (2) simple criteria.



  • File format – at the moment the system accepts files in text format only, no Word files, no PDF.
  • Who speaks – AI must identify the two persons talking as Coach (for the coach) and Client (for the client/coachee). Do not use personal names, nicknames or other words, because it would not work. 
If you receive a “Rejected” message, do not keep uploading the same file. There must be some error. Check the file layout.

Here are examples of transcript layouts

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